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About Anavryta

The Model Lyceum of Anavryta is one of the very few public schools which has been participating intensively in MUN conferences. It was in 2013 when two passionate teachers of our school cut the red ribbon.  Since then, the Lyceum of Anavryta has participated in 25 MUN conferences, in which our school was represented with numerous delegations. More than 100 students from our school have served as UN delegates, chairpersons and members of Secretariat, forming a powerful and passionate MUN club. Gathering all this valuable experience, we are truly proud to launch now our 1st AML MUN. Teachers, graduates, and school students are working hard to offer all the participants a unique experience.
We heartily welcome you to our MUN community and we are looking forward to seeing you in February.

Kifisias Ave. 184, Sigrou Park

Maroussi, CA 14562​

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