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Crisis Committee & Individual Delegates

Crisis Committee registration

The Crisis Committee is a unique experience, best suited for students who have participated in many conferences and are looking for a challenge that matches their skills and tests their knowledge over how politics functions. Each participant is assigned with a character, a member of one of the two Cabinets opposing each other and trying to take the upper hand in the current conflict.

The main difference between the Crisis and every other committee is that the topic of discussion is constantly altered. On the first session, a crisis will arise, and students will have to offer a solution within a brief time. Depending on their response, an update of the situation will come, and students will have to solve the new crisis once again. Since the aim of the Crisis is to simulate the conditions under which a past conflict was resolved, the outcome of each session is not only affected by the actions of each Cabinet, but also by the external factors, such as other major powers in the current era, the furious population of the country, or even a natural disaster that may shift the balance between the two Cabinets unpredictably. Students have to think out of the box and act fast to overcome the obstacles that may appear along the way. For all these reasons, Crisis is a dynamic committee that everyone should experience!

Apply now, and take part on this year’s Crisis.

The form is closed(Deadline passed 3/11/2019)

Individual delegate registration

Individual delegate applications are also welcome in the 3rd AML MUN. Please don’t hesitate to contact the organizing team for further information.​

The form is closed(Deadline passed 3/11/2019)

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