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MODEL UNITED NATIONS: Everything you need to know

As the AMLMUN registration procedure for schools and individuals has now open, we would like to guide you through the nature & structure of Anavryta's Model Lyceum conference, as well as our vision for spreading MUN values throughout Greece.

To begin with, what is a MUN Conference?

The Model of United Nations, also known as MUN, is one of the best, internationally recognized student conferences both on High School and University level. Participants are invited within a few days to adopt the role of diplomat and settle various political, military, environmental and humanitarian issues of our time. The main purpose of MUN is to familiarize students with the world of United Nations, values & goals for universal peace.

Preparing for a MUN?

Applicants accepted to a MUN conference are given a country delegation, which they will represent during the conference either as delegates or as ambassadors. Depending on the topics of their committee, delegates will have to read carefully the study guides given by the conference coordinators, think over their countries’ policies and further research viable solutions.

How MUN works?

MUN 2013 | Georgetown University

Simulating the United Nations parliaments, country representatives ought to form alliances (lobbing), argue over their ideas (debating) and negotiate their national interests. Moreover, they are challenged to compose, co-sign and vote a resolution document, proposing resolving measures for the ongoing issue. Alongside with the effective guidance of the Student Officer’s Board, every delegate is encouraged to take the floor, expand his public speaking abilities and enhance his leadership anticipations. Last but not least, all delegates are called to vote either in favor or against upon the aforementioned agreement/resolution.

What makes AMLMUN a unique experience?

Model United Nations Conferences encourage young students to defend their rights, raise up their voice upon crucial matters and stand up for what they believe. Anavryta Model Lyceum, leads the way for the Greek public & private schools to join that diplomatic fest and spread United Nations values across our country. Our mission is to host as many delegates and schools possible from suburban areas of Greece and therefore enhance our national educational culture.

Believing in youth leadership, hoping for a brighter tomorrow #MUNingreece

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