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Student Officers

Secretary General: Dionisis Belezinis (AML)

Deputy Secretary General: Ariadne Lampropoulou (Campion School)

President of the General Assembly: Antonia Dalla (AML)

Deputy President of the General Assembly: Joanna Sakkadas (St.Lawrence)


Disarmament and International Security Committee (GA1)

Chair: Roy Malta (Moraitis IB)

Co-Chair: Maritina Papaefthymiou (AML)

Co-Chair: Chris Moustakis (CGS)


Social Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (GA3)

Chair: Theodore Iakovou (ACG)

Co-Chair: Maria Meri (CGS)

Co-Chair: Ada Timoleontos (AML)


Special Political and Decolonization Committee (GA4)

Chair: George Kanellopoulos (CGS)

Co-Chair: George Stamatopoulos (DSA)

Co-Chair: Vasiliki Apostolou (AML)


Legal Committee (GA6)

Chair: Kyveli Malta (Moraitis IB)

Co-Chair: Sophia Kolovou (ACG)

Co-Chair: Dimitris Alexopoulos (Campion)


Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

President: Maira Antonopoulou (CGS)

Deputy President: Aspasia Boulougouri (AML)

Deputy President: Filippos Dounis (Geitonas School)


Security Council (SC)

President: Anastasios Lambrianos-Stappas (ACG)

Deputy President: Katerina Tsenekou (Campion)

Deputy President: Christopher Vogiatzis (ACG)


Special Conference on Human Trafficking (SPECON)

President: Alkistis Papanikolaou (DSA)

Deputy President: Amerissa Zotou (ACG)

Deputy President: Maria Karatoliou (AML)



Sub-Cabinet 1

President: Joanna Politi (HAEF)

Deputy President: Christina-Ioanna Alexandri (B'Tositseio Lykeio Ekalis)

Sub-Cabinet 2

President: Charalampos Seimanidis (ACG)

Deputy President: Xristina Lada (AML)


International Court of Justice (ICJ)

President: Elena Cleopa (AML)

Deputy President: Niki Pierakea (DSA) 

Registrar:Yiannis Apostolakopoulos (St.Lawrence)

Kifisias Ave. 184, Sigrou Park

Maroussi, CA 14562​

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