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> Registration
How can I register?

To register for the AMLMUN you need to feel a form online. There are 3 different registration sections on the Registration tab in the main menu. Find the right registration for the place you want. (ex. Student Officer) then click the link and fill the form. If you are applying as a school only the advisor can fill the form.

What happens after I register?

If you register as a school or an individual delegate we are going to E-Mail you to give you further information. If you register as a student officer, secretariat or Crisis you need to get throw an interview before taking a place at the conference. If you pass the interview we are going to E-Mail you more information about what happens next.

What if I lose the deadline?

If the deadline date passes the forms will be closed and you can not register for the conference.

> Payment
How much the fees are?

You can find all the fees you need to pay on the Deadlines and Fees page.

When I have to pay?

If you apply as a school you need to pay first the advisor fees and later the delegate fees. For all the other places you need to pay your place fee after your registration. We are going to E-Mail you with more information about your payment. You can see the total cost of your payments in your private page.

How can I pay?

To pay for the conference you need to dispose of the fee through a bank to the bank account that you are going to be E-Mailed. 

> Private Page
How I access the Private Page?

Once you apply for the conference in the next 2-3 working days you will take a confirmation E-Mail from us with your personal URL link and your password. You need every your personal URL and your password every time you want to connect to your Private Page. 

What happens if I lost the URL or the password?

If you lose your URL or your password you have to contact us when you notice it, then your Private Page will be locked for 48 hours. After that time we are going to E-Mail you, your new personal URL and password.

* If you lost your URL or password or you think that someone else has access to your private page please report it here.

Who can access the Private Page?

Only the people who have the personal URL link and password.

Is the Private Page safe?

Yes, it is we are having 3 levels of security and also the website has SSL Certificate for secure encrypied connection so no one can get your information from the page. 

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